“What is the College Pragmatics philosophy?”

Pragmatic. Though you would never start a college essay this way, the word pragmatic is an adjective, and can mean: Practical. Sensible. Rational. Realistic. Straight Forward. Matter-of-Fact. Logical. What I’ve learned in my long career is that there is no real science to college admissions.

You can try to ‘game the system’, but ultimately a successful college search requires a pragmatic approach. Let’s get to work!

Tanya Keeney

M.Ed, Founder, College Pragmatics

What can we talk about?

Let’s talk about what makes your post-secondary search unique. I’m experienced in addressing a wide variety of admissions criteria, including:

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The college search is different for everyone, because everyone is different. Contact me to get started.

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    What makes me different?

    I am a licensed school counselor who has helped over 700 students navigate their own unique college application process. I work closely with both students and their parents/guardians using a family systems counseling approach to create a college application plan that works for all stakeholders. I want to hear and empower students while understanding the specific needs and concerns of the parents/guardians. Having worked as both a school counselor and a college admissions counselor, I have personally visited over 200 colleges and universities. Understanding colleges and college admissions is both a vocation and a hobby. I endeavor to match students with the institution that will become their home away from home – where they will thrive, and where they will ultimately graduate.

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