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General Questions

Start With the Basics

Frankly, you don’t have to hire a consultant! Your school counselor is equipped to help you. But if you do find that you need additional assistance, an experienced consultant can provide direction and a wealth of knowledge.

The landscape of secondary education and higher education has changed radically in the last year. I am well versed and up to date on curricular, planning, and admissions changes at institutions throughout North America. 

My goal is to make the process easier by truly listening to everyone involved, and help to navigate this ever-changing industry. I’ve found that a consultant can be useful in diffusing any stress that exists between parents/guardians and their high school student. I’m not afraid of the difficult questions. I am honest, ethical, and principled.

Pragmatic. Though you would never start a college essay this way, the word pragmatic is an adjective, and can mean: Practical. Sensible. Rational. Realistic. Straight Forward. Matter-of-Fact. Logical. What I’ve learned in my long career is that there is no real science to college admissions. You can try to ‘game the system’, but ultimately a successful college search requires a pragmatic approach. Let’s get to work!

Let’s talk about what makes your post-secondary search unique.  I’m experienced in addressing a wide variety of admissions criteria, including:

  • COVID – 19 Concerns
  • Gap Year
  • 4+1 Master’s Programs
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • Accelerated Medical School
  • Graduate School
  • LGBTQ+ inclusive campuses
  • Residence Life Concerns
  • ADA Concerns
  • Schools that Focus on Sustainability
  • Mental Health Support
  • Athletics
  • Honors Programs
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Religious Inclusivity
  • Summer Programs
  • Support for Students with Disabilities
  • Academic Support and Tutoring
  • The College Essay
  • The College Application
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Transfer Admissions
  • Internships
  • College Visits
  • 2 Year Schools
  • Military and ROTC
  • Pre-Professional programs
  • High School Course Selection

I will customize my services to fit your needs!

will listen, and I will help actualize a plan. I will communicate primarily with the student once we get to work, copying parent/guardian(s). I will promote and foster independence in the college applicant. I will help the applicant create a schedule based upon their deadlines.

I will not replace your school counselor. I will not create a college list based exclusively on the rankings. Though I will help the applicant create a schedule based upon their deadlines, I will not micro-manage their deadlines.

I do not complete the FAFSA or CSS Profile, nor am I equipped to consult on individual financial aid scenarios. I have a number of referral options for this work, many of which are free.

I am not an SAT/ACT tutor.

We can meet virtually, at a coffee shop, the library, your place, or at my home office. Let me know what works for you.

As of November 15, 2021, all hours and parts thereof are billed at $175.00.

There is no additional charge for correspondence. Email and Phone calls are what I consider part of the cost of doing business.

Billable hours include requested research, report writing, meetings, and essay work.

    Any Questions? Ask Me.

    I will do my best to answer your questions within 24 hours.

    College Pragmatics will protect your name and email and will not share your information with anyone.